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Price:  $168,500  USD - Furnished San Miguel is a gated community of 34 homes.  This home was completed in the[...]
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Adjacent farm across the street from listing #401 Price: $50,000 USD The second property is 74 acres (30 hectares) of[...]
Small Farm & Living Quarters – 401
Price:  $25,000 USD This Intag farm is located approximately two hours away from Cotacachi. The altitude is perfect for growing coffee,[...]
El Encanto Large Home & Lot – 400
Re-sale, built 2014  - Largest Home and Lot in the Complex   Price:  $265,000  USD El Encanto is a well established[...]

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My entrepreneurial journey started in 2006, when I dropped out of university. I went from offline business in the hardware market to ecommerce to affiliate niche sites and from hungry and desperate to well-fed and successful.

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