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Cotacachi Real Estate is more than a sales/listing office…

We always go the extra mile for the people visiting or considering relocating to Cotacachi from another country.  We’ll be happy to show you around the city of Cotacachi, recommend restaurants, point out the best places for fruits and vegetables and whatever
needs you require.

We will also help you find the answers to any questions about medical care, local traditions, security, transportation, connecting with other expats and any other inquires you might have.

Cotacachi is a safe area and the culture of its indigenous people is very peaceful. I hope that my story will inspire readers to step out of their comfort zone and do what actor Alan Alda suggests: 

Leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.
What you’ll discover will be wonderful.  What you’ll discover is yourself.

I can attest that every word of Alan’s observation is true.

Thank you for visiting today… I look forward to hear from you.

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It’s Never Too Late – Micky’s Story

Micky Enright models the life-changing adventure of service work in her profession and as a humanitarian.

By age 74, most individuals are looking for fulfillment in a retirement haven, not Micky Enright.  Satisfied with her glowing career in real estate, the 32-year resident of Naples, FL gave herself the gift of performing humanitarian work for her 70th birthday. 

Today she shares her time and talents with Ecuador Project Hope, a nonprofit organization that operates under the guidelines of the Global Help Foundation, located in Naples.

Enright encourages others to realize that it’s never too late to do service work, dive into a new, life-changing adventure or journey into the unknown in their own city or a foreign country.

She models this role every day in Cotacachi, Ecuador, where she has worked with the Morales Chupa  Indigenous preschool to update their run down school building.  Donations through Ecuador Project Hope have completed the school, supplied books and learning essentials along with clothing and even diapers for the babies.   

Appreciation glows on the children faces along with the teachers and parents that are very grateful to have their children in a safe, healthy environment.

Service  work offers great personal rewards

… says Enright, who has committed the last 5 years in Cotacachi to meet the people and experience projects up-close and personally, something she urges others to do. 

We are still looking for people willing to come here and give of their love and compassion, as well as their skills and talents, advises Enright, who offers to share the use of a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath condo . 

Owners of the condo charge me a very low rent and request I use the condo so that other volunteer humanitarians, who are here for a visit and want to help, have a place to stay.  This service has been used several times over the years  to people bringing supplies or helping on one of the projects.

Continue reading Micky’s story on her Ecuador Project Hope website >>