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Cotacachi is located in the beautiful highlands of Ecuador and was unaffected by the recent earthquakes in the coastal region.  The coast is approximately an eight hour drive from Cotacachi.

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Micky Enright

Micky Enright is the founder of Cotacachi Real Estate and lives full time in Cotacachi where she is proud to offer her services as a Professional Realtor. Her 30 years experience in real estate in the United States benefits all her new clients from around the world.  

A recent article in E Bella magazine gives a glimpse of who Micky really is and her passion for helping others. Not only in her profession but as a truly great spirt in the communities of the Andes   Continue reading 

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Single Family Home and Acreage

This unique property is a rural three-quarter acre parcel and considered agricultural.  The bedrooms have access to a balcony with majestic views. The extra bonus is an adjacent lot with a caretaker’s home. Each lot is deeded separately. This second lot has an additional river view. A second home could be built on the adjacent lot by removing the caretaker’s home. Enjoy panoramic views of the two dormant volcanos and the Andes Mountains in a quiet peaceful environment   Read more 

Located just across the Cotacachi - Otavalo line

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